Our mission is to create equitable opportunities in real estate through education, access to capital, and responsible development.
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We're an organization run by local residents and professionals.
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Our goal is to build a community of like minded local developers to accomplish several tasks over the next 3 years.
Our Goal
  • * 50,000 education hours/downloads
  • * $10,000,000 raised in equity* $10,000,000
  • * 50 units developed

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Pay it forward
Donations and volunteer hours reduce development costs so we pass it on to the community.
501c3 all donations tax deductible
Be the solution
  • online FB community
  • education library
  • workforce development
  • technical assistance
  • transaction assistance
  • community fund
  • crowdfunding
  • Design guidebook
  • Lot activations
  • Policy advocacy
Our supporters help maintain all that we've built so we share access to investment opportunities, tools, and resources with them.
501c3 all donations tax deductible
Thanks to all of our sponsors and partners!
All sponsorship dollars go towards seeding new programs and acquisitions. Sponsorships are annual and fill quickly.
501c3 all donations tax deductible
Have any expertise you can share with us?
We're looking for instructors that can teach community development in an action oriented steps. Check out the topics & requirements to become an instructor.
Have any expertise you can share with us?
"We are a team of professionals committed to teaching the concepts, tools, and applications of small scale incremental development."
-Brittany Hyman, Director-
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